Friday, March 2, 2012

甜蜜爱窝 Living Hall

Our home sweet home living area is in rectangle shape with full length windows (Yes, very sad, we don't have balcony...) Basically H have no idea what we going to do with it and he knows that i have something in mind, so he just leave everything to me to decide. I am touched when he said: 你喜欢就好,最重要的你喜欢!

I am indecisive whether to buy or to custom made the TV console. Buying a ready made console of course is much more economical but limited design and not easy to find 8feet long console. Custom made console can be designed 100% to my liking, but the price tag could burst our pocket! After serious consideration and visiting some furniture shops, we find it difficult to find suitabe 8feets console to our liking. Hence, we decide to custom made the TV console and with feature wall. I've selected the following material/colour for the TV feature wall and console:

Silverwind (bottom left) as the feature wall colour and Stone Stellamatt (top right) as TV console colour

Actually i am quite worry about the feature wall colour that i've picked. I intended to have a white feature wall but look at the photo, the colour that i've picked for the feature wall is quite yellowish as it appear in the 3D drawing my ID showed me, not even off white, it is yellowish! Very worry, i called my ID few times and he rest assured me that the combination will be nice and the Silverwind colour will stand out from the living room's wall colour. I trusted him and keep my fingers crossed for this!

And, the end product did not dissapoint me, feature wall looks white! Very satisfied with both TV feature wall and console:

We've choosen to have tea mirror as part of the design as it will match with our dining area's design concept. The handle of the drawers are made from tea glass, when the drawer is closed, you'll see the tea glass as a piece of glass, but it is actually made from 3 individual tea glass. I like this design, it is UNIQUE!

We also decided to have a short platform near the full length window, as our cozy corner, so that we can relax in the weekends afternoon for tea/games/nap. ID recommend dark colour as easy to maintain and platform will look better in dark shade. I wanted to use light colour as i think it will match with the TV feature wall and console. Sometime, i am sturborn and well, i think the dark platform will not match with my TV feature wall, hence, go with light colour and this is the colour & material I've choosed:

Kahlua Oak

I am glad that i've insisted on using light colour, it looks so nice, so different and it is really my style and taste. It match the TV feature wall very well, brighten the living area and make it looks very cozy & with the "ATAS" feel~ Even the ID also agreed that i've made a right choice on the colour~

We went to furniture shopping and found this calf leather Italian designer style sofa:

I love the low seating that give create a modern look and the white colour looks so elegant! The headboard is adjustable, so you can lay your head comfotablely on it. I like the individual sofa seats to be wide and deep, as the small and shallow seat makes me feel my buttock is half on the seat and half outside. The seat have to be wide enough to not give me a feeling that i am "kuet siou" with the people next to me... So, we decided this is what we want, but in L-shape and we choosen to have the safest colour - BLACK. Both H and myself is lazy and we don't want to be cautious when sit on our sofa everyday, well, the idea is we should enjoy and rolling on our sofa!

This is how it looks like in our living area:
3 + 1 seating (L-shape at the right plus 3 extendable seating)

Our rug, H likes to lay on it to watch TV:

Colour is 3tones beige, very smooth and comfortable

I am loving the sheepskin which add on a cozy feeling to my modern looking sofa. There is a reason why i choose to have this sheepskin instead of day pillows. 1st is because day pillow is way too common (seeing it in almost every houses' living area) and very difficult to create "ATAS" feel with it. And i need something that stand out and same time, blend in well with my black sofa. The white sheepskin create a good colour contra with the black sofa and enhance my ATAS theme which white pillow cannot bring out such effects. I am imagining myself laying on it, hugging my dog and watch TV with a cup of tea... so relaxing~~

H want to have a bar counter in the other corner of living area and we've bought this ready made bar counter:

Black and White L-shape Roma Counter

Actually H wanted to have both bar stools in black, but i think that is boring, i want a red bar stools! and here there are my red tulip and black tulip bar stools in closer view:

Next post will be on my favourite Dining Area~ Stay tunned~


Anonymous said...

Hi Pei,

You have a very nice house & very luxury feel..
Can share with me your wall colour & also where u bought your carpet from + the model?
I love it very much :)

Pei said...

Hi, 雖然你沒留名,但肯定是老朋友;)