Thursday, March 1, 2012

甜蜜爱窝 Home Sweet Home

We decided to re-start house viewing around end July2011 and selected this unit early September after viewing more than 50units.. Really have to thank to my agent being so patience and helpful~

I am basically looking at Jurong and Bukit Panjang area. At first, it was fun and i really look forward for each house viewing session after work or during the weekend. As time passed, the units that we viewed really not up to my expectation and the some seller is asking for rediculously high COV despite their unit is old and required major renovation. After numerous viewing, BF and i decided to settle down with this unit in Jurong. Valuation average, COV although abit high but the house is well maintained and no major renovation required, plus we really like the layout, the surronding and location, we negotiate it down abit and decided to give it to the seller~

After waiting for 3months+, we finally got our keys on 16 Dec 2011 and started the renovation immediately! I'll share more about renovation, furniture hunting and every corner of our home sweet home soon!


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