Friday, June 11, 2010

Reviews on SCHOLL QTTO

SCHOLL QTTO is the HOTTEST leg slimming product in Japan right now. The lavender + pink colour combination is soo sweet that makes a BIG plus to purchase it.

I am thinking of getting it since it helps to tone up the legs, reduce water retention ( i love salty food!), not troublesome at all as i only wear it at night while sleeping and SCHOLL is a reputable brand for its foot care products range. Alright, i decided to TRY IT OUT!

Rushed to Watsons after work and to my shocking, the price is S$46.90/- !

I was expecting the price in S$20-30 range, but obviously it was much expensive than what i prepared to pay for.

S$46.90 for a pair of peeped toe socks is too expensive in my opinion. Afterall, i don't know whether it will works for me. After thinking twice, i put the QTTO back to the rack and decided to do some homework before purchasing it.

I googled for the reviews on QTTO and found generally she got positive comments from users. Hence, i went back to Watson the next day and bought her.

Tried it at the same night by referring to the instruction at the back of the box. Users have to make sure the QTTO is weared and positioned correctly on your foot, ankles, legs and thighs so that the correct pressure applied to respective areas. According to the front picture of the box, there will be 3 types of pressure applied - 11hpa on your lower thight, 16hpa on your leg and 21pha on your ankle.

Very sweet colours combination, Japanese is really good at this!
Me wearing the socks!
The M size fits comfortablely on me, not too tight and definitely not loose. I can feel the pressure on my lower thights & legs, however i did not feel any pressure on my ankles where it supposed to face the highest pressure.
The QTTO remained tight at the second day morning when i woke up. I tried to press on my leg to check the water retention marks, to my satisfaction, it works! The water retention marks is light and gone away pretty fast compare to my arms. As for slimming and toning up, i can't see pretty much effects as i am only in my 3rd day of using it. I also didn't feel my leg is lighter as mentioned by other users.
A plus point for QTTO - I've weared it for 3 conservative nights and the QTTO remained as tight, i mean fits comfortablely on me as the first night, it did not loosen up as most of the socks did after wearing it for several times & washes.

It was also one of the beauty products highly recommended by Jolin Tsai in Taiwan Variety show - 女人我最大.


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